TOY DRIVE: The La Salle Kidz Daycare Centre is looking for donations of gently used toys, books, puzzles, and other play materials. If you have the items listed below, please bring them to our centre weekdays between 9am and 5pm. You can also call 204-736-2520 or email to arrange another drop off time.

We would appreciate good quality toys and othe
r supplies without reference to Disney or other cartoon characters. We prefer not to have too many plastic toys and should have more toys made with natural materials such as wood. 

We are accepting the following items:
Books - prefer board books and hard cover picture books
Puzzles - wooden puzzles, peg puzzles, jigsaw puzzles (not too many pieces), and floor puzzles
Cars and other vehicles - large and small
Blocks - wood, plastic, foam, etc; large and small
Play food, play dishes, play utensils and cooking pots, etc
Play animals, play people
Dress up clothes
Dolls and doll clothes; doll furniture; doll houses
Play-doh toys
Musical instrument such as toys drums, tambourines, bells, etc
Art supplies - paper, crayons, pencils, markers, paint, paint brushes, scissors, etc
Manipulative toys such as Lincoln logs, thistle blocks, Duplo Lego, lacing toys, etc
Trains and train tracks
Baskets/bins for storing toys – prefer clear or weaved, not vibrant colours
Infant/toddler toys - not too many (can have some) that flash and make noise
Riding toys
Stacking toys
Stuffed animals -- not too many
Toys for sand and water play
Wagon & Outdoor toys – blocks, balls, tricycles, riding cars
Board games such as Candy Land, Snake and Ladders, Trouble, Sorry, etc

Thank you to all the donations we've already received!  Thank you for supporting the La Salle Kidz Daycare Centre!

We are still in need of the following items:

Art & Craft supplies - stickers, pom poms, beads, string & yarn
Outdoor Infant Toys
Old I-Phones with Chargers
Cars (size of a deck of cards)
Infant Swings 
Outdoor Playhouse
Infant Sandbox & Toys
Large Fridge Magnets
Infant Play Structure
Toy Kitchen Items 
Plastic Bags

We're also looking for pots, pans, baking sheets, muffin tins etc. for cooking and baking.






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