February 14 2018

The La Salle Kidz Inc. Daycare Centre is beginning to take shape with windows now in, walls up and flooring being installed. There is still much to do before the Centre will be ready for children. At this time, we are projecting an early-May opening, which is still contingent on staffing, licensing, and inspections, etc. Given the revised opening timeline, administrators for La Salle Kidz do not yet have access to the wait list. As such, please check back in a couple of weeks as we will begin to provide more frequent updates as we near construction completion.

These construction photos (below) from today show: the plans (1), the fenced-in outdoor play area (2), the nearly finished play area for the preschoolers from outside (3), the same play area from inside (4 & 5), the sprinkler room (6), the kitchen area (7), and a pocket door that separates the toddler and infant rooms (8).

La Salle Kidz Inc. is available on the Government of Manitoba's Online Child Care Registry. Please note: Though children can be added to the centre's waitlist, administrators for La Salle Kidz Inc. Daycare will not have access to the waitlist until two months before the centre’s opening date. Please visit to register and add your child(ren)’s name(s) to the waitlist.   

For more information, please click on the following links:

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