LSCU Complex Board of Directors 2018

President                                   David Brown               

Past President                          VACANT

Vice-President                          James Pollard             

Treasurer                                   Chad Brick                  

Secretary                                   Brian Cornelsen         

Sports Director                         Melissa Dixon             

Communications Director       Joe Daley                     

Newsletter Director                  Barbara Agland-O'Connor

Special Events Director           Guylaine Remillard     

Director-at-Large                      Glen Irivne                   

Director-at-Large                      Gerry Gluska               

Director-at-Large                      Tara Scott-Legary       
(La Salle Fall Festival)

Curling Club Director               Trinda Kostal               

Lightning Football Director      FORFEITED FOR 2018
(Appointed)                                TERM

Caisse Financial Group            FORFEITED FOR 2018
formerly La Salle Credit           TERM
Union (Appointed)


LSCU Complex Staff

Reporting to the Board:

Facility Manager                       Dee Romijn                  

Reporting to the Facility Manager:

Business Office                        Tracey Walther            


As per the Constitution And By-Laws:

By-Law One - Constitution

Article 7 - Governance

The Board of Directors shall consist of an elected Executive Committee as follows:
Past-President (elected while President)

Additional elected Directors shall consist of the following:
Sports Director
Communications Director
Special Events Director
Newsletter Director
(3) Director-at-Large

Additional Directors are to be nominated by their respective organization and appointed by the Executive Committee and shall be eligible to vote at board meetings.  The appointed Directors shall consist of the following:
Curling Club Director
Football Director
Caisse Financial Group (formerly La Salle Credit Union)

The Facility Manager (formerly Recreation Director) shall be a staff position and deemed to be an ex-officio, non-voting member of the Board of Directors.

The duties of appointed Directors and Directors-at-Large shall be established by the Executive Committee prior to nomination or elections at an Annual General Meeting.

The duties of each Board Member shall be outlined in the By-Laws of the Centre.  See Appendix B.

The business and affairs of the Centre shall be managed by the Board of Directors

A Subcommittee may be appointed by the Executive Committee and/or the Board of Directors.

The Board of Directors shall be the only members eligible to vote at Board meetings.


For the Constitution And By-Laws of the LSCU Complex, please click the link below:

LSCU Complex Constitution & By-laws



LSCU Complex