Board of Directors Vacancies
Interested in joining our team?  The following LSCU Complex Board of Directors positions are vacant for the 2017/18 term and need to be filled as soon as possible:  
  • Special Events Director
  • Director-at-Large (La Salle Fall Festival)
Board of Directors meet approximately 10 times per year.  Directors have assigned responsibilities and may seek out additional members as a sub-committee to assist them in performing their role.  These sub-committee members are always needed and are welcome to join at any time.  Volunteerism is the key to success! The LSCU Complex cannot function without volunteers. 
Please step up and join the LSCU Complex Team and make a difference in your community!
If you are interested in either of the vacant positions listed above, please contact David Brown, LSCU Complex President at 204-736-2031 or


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