MHRD Program and Community Resource Guide Front Page Picture CONTEST!

We are looking for a photo for the front page of our Winter 2018 Program and Community Resource Guide.  We want to showcase an image that reflects or represents an RM of Macdonald or Headingley community in some way.

This could be an image that includes:

  • Nature within one of our beautiful communities (Brunkild, Domain, Headingley, La Salle, Oak Bluff, Sanford or Starbuck)
  • Landmark
  • Annual event
  • Winter activities (skating tobogganing, hockey etc.)
  • Candid moments
  • Showcasing old or new buildings within the community

Deadline for the Contest:  OCTOBER 20TH, 2017

If your image meets the rquirements and does not get featured this year, there is a chance it could be used inside the guide or on the front page of future recreation guides!

For more information and/or to enter the contest, please email