Welcome to the Macdonald Ringette Association - Home of the Wildfire!



At Macdonald Ringette Association, we are committed to developing lifelong skills & physical activity in a fun and encouraging environment.

Ringette is an ice sport that not only develops skating skills but also develops leadership, team players & physical fitness in a fun and competitive atmosphere.  Ringette players can be as young as 4 or as old as your body allows you to play.  It is not only a sport that challenges you, but it also builds strong, lifelong friendships! 

Macdonald Ringette Association is made u of volunteers from communities within the Rural Municipality of Macdonald.  Our volunteers are qualified, dedicated people that are continuously helping develop our players & the sport of ringette in a healthy & fun way.

For information on Macdonald Ringette please visit:

President (Interim)                                            Vice President
   Brad Bossuyt                                                       Dave Brown
   president@macdonaldringette.ca                   vicepresident@macdonaldringette.ca
Secretary                                                            Treasurer
   Dawn Bass                                                           Renee Mandziuk
   secretary@macdonaldringette.ca                    treasurer@macdonaldringette.ca
Registrar                                                             WRL Rep
   Jo Baertsoen                                                        Monique Fehr
   TBA                                                                      wrlrep@macdonaldringette.ca                              
AA Rep                                                                Ice Convenor
   Darren Amerogen                                                Tanya Schrof
   aa@macdonaldringette.ca                                ctschrof@mymts.net
Director of Officiating                                       Coaching Development
   Jody Sheppard                                                    Stacy Plouffe
   jodandach@gmail.com                                     TBA
Player Development                                          La Salle Rep
   Shelly Litynski                                                      Cam Bourre
   Shelly.Litynski@mymts.net                              lasalle@macdonaldringette.ca
Oak Bluff Rep                                                     Sanford / Brunkild Rep
   Glenn Houser                                                       Tami Trylinski
   oakbluff@macdonaldringette.ca                       sanfordbrunkild@macdonaldringette.ca
Starbuck Rep                                                      R4U Coordinator
   Mel Dupasquier                                                    VACANT
   starbuck@macdonaldringette.ca                     r4u@macdonaldringette.ca