October 20th to November 24th


Skating with Tots (2 - 4 Years)
Instructor: Elise Johnson

Skating with Tots is a fun, physical activity for both care givers and little ones.  With the help of a qualified instructor, care givers will support their children while they explore starting, stopping, falling down, getting up and gliding on their own.  Simple games and activities will help your child begin to develop a life=long love of winter ice sports.  CSA approved helmets must be worn by anyone on the ice. 

Sanford Arena

5 Fridays - October 20th to November 24th
10:00 am - 11:00 am
Registration Deadline: Friday, October 13th

If you missed the registration deadline, please contact Macdonald-Headingley Recreation District at 204-885-2444 or info@mhrd.ca.