Meeting - November 13 2017 & December 11 2017

The La Salle 4-H Club had their second meeting Nov 13th, 2017. This was the first meeting with the newly elected executive. The La Salle 4-H Club is in full swing with classes underway and members eager to learn! 

In other news, the La Salle 4-H Club participated in a garbage cleanup day on Oct 28th in the Kingswood and Prairieview areas.  We thank Ventura Land Developments and Prairie View Lakes Inc. for the opportunity to fundraise while keeping our community clean.

The La Salle 4-H Club had their third meeting on Dec 11th 2017. The club had special guests for this meeting, Mike Siemens, Chief of the Macdonald Volunteer Fire Department, and three Fire fighters who came to show us the kits that were purchased with the Club's donation. The Fire Fighters explained and demonstrated how useful and important 'runner kits' are when responding to an emergency call. A 'runner kit' is the equipment each volunteer fire fighter carry when responding to an emergency call before the fire truck arrives. Each 'runner kit' consist of; fire extinguisher, strobe light, towels, blankets, reflective vest and traffic cone with a value of $250 each. The La Salle 4-H Club members along with Ken McMullen from Domain Co-op presented the Macdonald Volunteer Fire Department with monetary donations towards 7 runner kits for our volunteer fire fighters.
The La Salle 4-H Club received $250 from the SeCan 'Take a Selfie! Grow a Leader' contest. Thank you to the Piasta and Fenez families for taking selfies with the SeCan signs and submitting them on behalf of the club to the contest!