Robert Turski, Paul Pfrimmer and Shannon Martin join the La Salle 4-H Club as we present Tim Comack with a Thank You card for the 10 years of the Garbage Clean-Up fundraising opportunity provided by Prairie View Lakes Inc. and Ventura Land Company Inc.  This is the La Salle 4-H Club's major fundraiser which gives our club the spirit, strength and financial assistance needed to sustain presence in our community.

The La Salle 4-H Club was established in 2005 with 5 members. Within the past 13 years we have grown to encompass 31 members.  Members vary in age from 6 to 17.  The 4-H program offers opportunity for our youth to develop life skills through project work. The 4-H moto "Learn to Do by Doing" teaches skills that will help youth achieve success throughout their lives shaping into future leaders and better community residents.

We would also like to take this opportunity to acknowledge support from community organizations, businesses, individuals, too numerous to mention, along with 4-H grants. Together we help our community in so many ways.  The La Salle 4-H Club is grateful for the support.

To the many members, volunteer leaders, parents, individuals and community organizations and businesses, big or small, we thank ALL of you for your endless support in helping us grow.

Julie Ann Purcha

La Salle 4-H Club Contact

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